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Let's Make a Night of It (1937)

Let's Make a Night of It (1937) PG13 IMDb 6.0 1h 7m Comedy Musical

Stars Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, June Clyde, Claire Luce


The exclusive Boydell family, members of the "400" set, suddenly became owners of two nightclubs; the father, Henry Boydell, comes into one, "The Silver Spoon," as the payment of a business debt and keeps his new enterprise a secret from his wife,Laura. But Laura has a secret of her own. The persuasive Count Castelli has sold her a bill of goods which turns out to be the "Coconut Beach," a notorious hot-spot in town. Their daughter, Peggy, is kept in the dark by both parents but her boyfriend, Jack Kent, stumbles across the father's secret and uses it as a wedge to get himself a job as the Master of Ceremonies at the "Silver Spoon." Both clubs are next-door to each other and there isn't enough patronage for both clubs. Something has to give.

Director Graham Cutts

Writers Henrik Ege, F. McGrew Willis, Hugh Brooke


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