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T.H.E. Cat TV Series (1966–1967)

T.H.E. Cat TV Series (1966–1967) 30min Adventure, Drama, Noir

Stars: Robert Loggia, Robert Carricart, R.G. Armstrong

The cases of a reformed cat-burglar turned bodyguard.

Robert Loggia is Thomas Hewitt Edward(T.H.E.) Cat

T.H.E. Cat (1966–1967) Se1 Ep6 None to Weep, None to Mourn 30min Adventure, Drama Episode aired 21 October 1966

Stars: Robert Loggia, R.G. Armstrong, Robert Carricart

Thomas Hewitt Edward (T.H.E. Cat) The widow of the head of a Gypsy clan hires Cat to protect the man's son as he spends the night in the traditional mourning of his father.

She believes her husband was murdered, and the same people who killed him want to kill the son.

T. H. E. Cat TV Series ~ Music by Lalo Schifrin #OST


T. H. E. Cat TV Series ~ #soundtrack music by Lalo Schifrin ~ original film music extracted from the TV series.

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